Lead Instructor - Joshua


Our Mission is to train those wishing to learn and impart as much knowlege to others as has been shared with me.

I have spent many years using and training with firearms. From the time I was very young I was taught the three most important rules about firearms. As a young kid I was on a rifle team where I learned how to properly aim and shoot with rifles and carried that over to the use of pistols. I shot competitively nation wide on a rifle team for four years. The last two years of shooting on the rifle team I placed second in the nation. After high school I joined the United States Navy where I qualified as an expert shot on pistols, rifles and shotguns. This is just some of the information that I want to pass along to you.

As a qualified NRA Instructor I teach others how to properly be safe with firearms. I will teach individuals how to handle, maintain, store firearms and understand the basics of the firearm and ammunition used for it. I can schedule classes as needed and bring them to you to get you trained.